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  1. How do I know if I have depression/anxiety?
    Unfortunately, there is no blood test for depression or anxiety. It can be determined by seeing your family physician who will normally ask you a series of questions and based on your responses is able to make a diagnosis. Often, most people have an idea they are suffering from depression or anxiety even before they go to see their doctor.

  2. Do I need to take medication?
    Medication is often a personal choice as an approach to dealing with depression/anxiety. There are many treatment options available that may be tried on their on or combined with medication. If depression/anxiety is severe, medication would most likely be helpful in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment plan.

  3. How do I know what program is right for me?
    Through the consultation process. We will work with you developing the program best suited for you and your needs.

  4. Does depression/anxiety go away on its own?
    Depression and anxiety can cycle so the symptoms may appear to disappear or lessen. However, if left untreated in most cases depression/anxiety will continue to cycle and often each episode will increase in its severity.

  5. What causes it?
    Depression /anxiety if caused by a chemical imbalance that may or may not have been triggered by a specific event.

  6. How often do I have to come?
    In our in house program , this will vary depending on which program is right for you. In general, we would see you weekly from anywhere to 6 weeks to six months.

  7. My spouse is suffering with anxiety/depression only they donít see it, is there anything I can do them?
    The best thing you can do if someone you care about is suffering from depression/anxiety is to help provide resource materials, like this website, that are helpful in understanding what depression and anxiety is. IMPORTANT: Your loved one may still not be able to identify with having depression/anxiety or may be reluctant to admit they are struggling. You can only help so much but remember there is support available for you.

  8. My spouse wonít get help and itís very stressful on me and my family. Is there help or support for us?
    YES!! There is help and it is important for you to have professional support. At Bayridge, we can set up a specialized program for you.

  9. I canít come in, what can I do?
    For those of you who are geographically out of our area, or have medical, transportation or scheduling challenges we have developed a home study program.

  10. Will I always be on medication?
    No one knows that for sure, however the more skills you learn, and the tools you have as part of your treatment plan will increase your chances of becoming medication free.

  11. I donít want become dependant on medication, will I ever be able to manage without it?
    There is nothing wrong with medication, but we often use the analogy that Medication is like water wings, it keeps you floating but it doesnít teach you how to swim. If you do not wish to become dependant on medication, you need to develop as many of the skills to manage depression and anxiety.

  12. I have taken medication on and off for years but my depression/anxiety always seems to come back. Why?
    If you do not do anything but use medication, when you stop using it, and stressful or sad life events occur, you revert to old unhealthy but familiar patterns that contribute to those feelings of depression and anxiety.

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