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Common Symptoms & Personality Traits

When we look at the characteristics common to people suffering from chronic stress and anxiety they tend to have the following personality traits.
  • Extremely analytical
  • Emotionally sensitive
  • Over reacts
  • Sensitive to criticism
  • Low self-image
  • Need to appear in control at all times
  • Obsessive thinking
  • Inner nervousness
  • High expectations
  • Easily irritated
  • Worrier
  • Hypochondriac
  • Sensitive to negative stimuli
  • Often, never feels “good enough”
  • Easily hurt
  • Prone to guilt
  • Tend to be a pleaser
  • Avoids conflict
  • Overly concerned about others opinions of you
  • The mind races too fast
  • A great need for approval
  • Excessive Fear of failure
  • Excessive Fear of health issues
  • Work very hard to appear together
  • Second guessing yourself
  • Worry about being embarrassed

Background Experiences

People suffering from chronic stress, anxiety and depression often have the following background experiences.
  • Parents, siblings, grandparents or aunts or uncles who suffered from panic attacks, nervous breakdown or depression
  • Alcoholism or addictions within the family of origin
  • Emotional, verbal or physical abusive interactions
  • Overly strict parents who over focus on religious faith
  • Perfectionist parents that left you feeling ‘it was never good enough’
  • Over protective parents
  • Overly critical parents
  • Chaotic family atmosphere
  • Extreme anger or rage-aholic
  • Trauma or fear of separation or loss
  • Family conflicts leaving one feeling unstable
  • Family where you were not encouraged to share feelings, thoughts or ideas
  • Families that were under emotionally nurtured; lack of praise and affirmations
  • An overly controlling parent
  • Parents that was never present physically or emotionally
Common Symptoms of anxiety include:
  • Nervousness
  • Rapid heart beat
  • Dizziness
  • Panicky feelings, panic attacks
  • Diarrhea & stomach problems
Irrational fears about
  • Losing control
  • Dying
  • Losing your mind
  • Embarrassing yourself
  • Having a heart attack
  • Leaving the house (agoraphobia)

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